Monday, September 6, 2021

Cherry Red ~ Book Birthday and Blog Tour

It's release day!
Happy Book Birthday to Cherry Red!

Cherry Red is now available for purchase on many online retail distributing sites.
Click on the below link, which will lead you to my list of books for each supplier, and where you will find Cherry Red.

To celebrate the release of Cherry Red, many of my Wild Rose friends will be hosting me and Cherry Red on their blogs. 
The book blog tour will run for three weeks, and during the tour you will fun some fun interviews and blog posts. No worries, you won't be reading the same answers and posts because I have something different each day.

Follow me on my book blog tour!
I will post direct links to each stop on the tour date on my Facebook Author Page and my Twitter Feed.

Tuesday, September 07 - CJ Bahr
Tuesday, September 07 - Beverley Batman
Wednesday, September 08 - Jennifer Wilck
Thursday, September 09 - Nancy Fraser
Thursday, September 09 - Jeny's Tattle Tales
Friday, September 10 - Peggy Jaeger
Monday, September 13 - Amber Daulton
Tuesday, September 14 - Jana Richards
Wednesday, September 15 - Shirley Goldberg
Thursday, September 16 - Jan Sikes
Friday, September 17 - Tena Stetler
Friday, September 17 - Barbara Mountjoy
Monday, September 20 - Rebecca Grace
Tuesday, September 21 - Vicky Burkholder
Wednesday, September 22 - Amy Millay
Thursday, September, 23 - Mary Morgan
Thursday, September 23 - Karen Guzman
Monday, September 27 - Katherine Grey

Happy Birthday, Cherry Red!